Mile High Media Announces 1st Films From Director James Avalon

Bob Johnson

MONTREAL — Mile High Media announced today its first Sweet Sinner and Sweet Sinema films under the direction of industry veteran James Avalon.

Mile High said “The Exchange Student: Volume 3” and “Naughty Neighbors” will be revived under Avalon's own vision and will "incorporate all the thrilling erotic tension and plot twists consumers love."

Principal photography on "Exchange Student" begins Nov. 18 with stars Lily LaBeau, Julia Ann, Evan Stone and Xander Corvus.

Avalon will shoot all movies he creates for Mile High using the Canon 5D HD camera.

“My goal for Mile High Media’s Sweet Sinner and Sweet Sinema is to raise it to a new level of realism in sex, both visually and emotionally, where we capture a hot, intense, passionate, yet honest, erotic moment between two adults. It is important to me to ensure we never fall back onto a fabricated format,” Avalon said.

He added, “The new visual style I will bring compliments realistic sex, rather than attempting to cover lackluster performances with glamour photography. It is important every aspect of the movie meets Mile High Media’s extremely high expectations for quality.”

Mile High said Avalon’s features tend to be more than just quirky and interesting, with a penchant to cater to “the thinking man” who wants porn, while maintaining a reputation for keeping hard, intense and varied sex in his movies.

For sales information contact or call (800) 363-0133.