Ohio Senate Passes Anti-Adult Bill

Matt O'Conner
COLUMBUS, Ohio — The state Senate has approved legislation that would give local authorities throughout the state more firepower to go after adult entertainment businesses.

The bill, a revised version of a measure that already had been approved by the Ohio House of Representatives, passed in a unanimous vote. The substitute bill now goes back to the House, where it is expected to face no resistance.

If it passes, HR 23 will allow counties or townships to get assistance from the state Attorney General’s office in drafting or altering their zoning ordinances to help ensure any new regulations would prevail if faced with constitutional challenges. It also would let local authorities speed up procedures for denying or revoking related permits and business licenses

In short, the bill gives town and city attorneys access to vast legal resources when preparing zoning ordinances. In fact, the state Attorney General’s office will be required to help townships when asked to help write regulations that will stand up to court challenges.

It also provides authorities with the clout to revoke business licenses after more stringent standards are in place, which could make the landscape much more forbidding to adult businesses.