National A-1 Internet Shuts Down,

Ariana Rodriguez

PHILADELPHIA — National A-1 Internet has discontinued the operations of its adult novelty retail website and affiliate program

“Today we say goodbye to and,” a MovieDollars statement said. “The sites will be closed down and moved to a new location. Our efforts are best served concentrating on areas where we see continued growth, not only for us, but for our webmasters.” project director Mark Farlow told XBIZ, “This was not an easy decision to make, but I feel was a necessary decision. While I have great pride in and all those involved in the project, the reality is times are tight and people just aren’t spending money they way they used to. Rather than putting further resources into the project we’ve decided to use those resources in ways that will have a positive impact on our company, our customers, and our associates.”

Farlow said that National A-1 will continue to dedicate more time and effort on improving its flagship product,, while cultivating a new project.

“I believe [the new project] has tremendous potential, and should have as much popularity as our franchise,” Farlow said.

The company said affiliate links should be removed immediately as they will no longer function, and any existing ToySales balances will be paid as affiliates reach their minimum.

According to the company, once offered nearly 25,000 products, as well as sexual health and well-being information and customer service support that included live telephone customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The affiliate program, which offered online marketing tools and affiliate support, was launched January 2010.