Jelique Unveils New Packaging for Pure Instinct

Ariana Rodriguez

ODESSA, Fla. — Jelique Products, manufacturer of intimacy enhancers, has revealed a repackaged version of its Pure Instinct sex attractant cologne.

Pure Instinct is now available in a roll-on applicator bottle, which the company says, makes it easier to consume, more lightweight and travel-friendly.

“We have very loyal customers and have discovered many of them are very passionate about packaging design,” Jelique’s owner Angel Welker told XBIZ. “We are hoping the new upscale look will open the doors to those who were reluctant to purchase the old bottle. We spent a considerable about of time and money trademarking Pure Instinct all over the world. Were very enthusiastic that the sensuous, modern design will have a warm reception with consumers here and globally.”

According to Welker, Jelique’s customers requested a revamped method of applying Pure Instinct.

“As with all our products, our customers are the driving force,” Welker said. “Most of our customers still love the current packaging, but customers wanted to see other application methods. We always appreciate input from our customers and take this very seriously.”

In addition to the revamped Pure Instinct packaging, Jelique also will roll out a redesigned countertop display that will contain 12 bottles of either the .05-ounce bottle with glass wand or the new roll-on applicator bottle.

“Pure Instinct Sex Attractant is our No. 1 bestseller,” Welker said. “Who doesn’t want to be more appealing, whether you’re in a relationship or just looking. We will continue to carry the current packaging by customer request, for those who love to add to their baths, and lamp rings.”

Jelique’s wholesale distributors include East Coast News, Williams Trading Co., Nalpac and Eldorado.

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