Kasidie.com Offering White Label Social Networking Program

Bob Johnson

LAS VEGAS — Swinger website Kasidie.com announced a white label program for creating adult branded social networking websites.

The company said it created an adult “non-Facebook social community” offering that customers and fans will actually use.

In addition to providing a branded social platform, the company maintained that the product’s “Plus” program will substantially drive traffic back to a user’s primary website.

“The costs of designing, storyboarding, programming, marketing and maintaining a social network are daunting,” said Scott Purcell, presindent of Kasidie Entertainment.

He added, “So we now let our industry partners leverage the Kasidie platform and everything that goes with it (engineering, customer service, design, hosting, servers, etc, etc) to create their ‘own’ social network and net more money than if they did it themselves.”

For details and more information on the co-branding program click here.