FyreTV Launches Boxee App

Bob Johnson

MIAMI — FyreTV announced the release of the FyreTV application on Boxee Boxes today.

The company said using Over The Top (OTT) delivery, Boxee Box owners can now access an adult movie library featuring more than 15,000 titles from over 100 of the most popular studios in the industry.

Via IPTV, Boxee connects to a TV and allows users to watch any TV show from the Internet, movies from services like Netflix, VUDU, MUBI, and OpenFilm, and take advantage of web-only programming and social media.

 “Coming on the heels of the tremendous success of our Roku channel, we’re very excited about launching our Boxee app,” said Josh Stevens, director of marketing.

He aded, “We love the powerful Boxee platform as it allows us to deliver the same UI we first introduced with our Fyre BoXXX years ago to bring a truly great adult movie watching experience to the TV set.”

Boxee owners will need to install the FyreTV application by enabling adult applications in the parental controls section of their settings menu.

All new FyreTV members will have the exclusive feature “Wealth and Deception” immediately added to their streaming library when they create their free account on the FyreTV website.

The company said current FyreTV members will be able to easily link their existing account to their Boxee Box.