Fantasy Lingerie Greets Fall/Winter Fashion Trends With Desire Hosiery

Ariana Rodriguez

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Fantasy Lingerie has released the Desire collection of hosiery and body stockings.

“Stockings were worn in the early ‘20s for warmth,” Primrose Boon, Fantasy Lingerie’s merchandise director, told XBIZ. “Not only are hosiery styles being worn as a much needed accessory for intimate apparel, they are used for day wear. This year’s fall trends include wearing fashion pantyhose or sexy sheer fishnets with an everyday outfit.”

However, according to Boon, in the sexy apparel industry, body stockings are popular year-round — particularly as impulse items because of their low retail price points.

“The idea of having a full fitted garment that is form fit in easy-to-wear-tear exudes much sex appeal and fulfills all fetishes,” she said. “The nylon material used is very much similar to a hosiery construction, but more durable for easy movement. With its form fitting characteristics, it is such an easy fit for customers of all sizes. The amount of stretch ability is endless when working with nylon materials. And the adventures when wearing them are too!”

The Desire collection features about 44 “ultra-sexy” styles of body stocking SKUs, as well as 50 SKUs of classic hosiery styles, in One Size and Queen Size. The company describes Desire’s packaging as “simple yet sleek with a modern cut-out sleeve with eye-catching imagery.”

According to Boon, the Desire collection is now available to ship to retailers.