Video Secrets Kicks Off Flirt4Free Halloween Promotion

Bob Johnson

CALABASAS, Calif. — Video Secrets’ Flirt4Free is offering a special five-day Halloween promotion beginning on Oct. 27.

The company said it will be offering more than $3,000 in prize money to performers and giving huge discount opportunities for customers and affiliates.

Costume contests will be held with performers dressing up in sexy outfits in different daily categories in order to garner virtual pumpkins from their loyal customers. Performers with the most treats from their fans will win Flirt4Free daily prizes ranging from $100 to $500 cash.

Customers will also receive credit discounts and virtual candy gifts that performers can dole out to their favorite fans. The customer with the most amount of virtual candy from the most performers will win $500 in credits.

“Halloween is one of our biggest holidays at Video Secrets,” said Brad Estes, manager of operations for Video Secrets. “Our affiliates and performers reap the rewards by cashing in on all of the extra revenue potential and traffic generated from all the eager customers logging on to be entertained by sexy themed-out Halloween shows and treats from performers."

He added, "Now with our virtual gifting to both performers and consumers, and our daily performer prizes, we are sure to see these five days filled with the best that Halloween has to offer.”

VideoSecrets said affiliates will also benefit from one of the busiest traffic days on the network.

For more information on the contests and details visit the website.

To become an affiliate visit VideoSecrets or email