Restraining Order Extended for Kid Rock Sex Tape

Michael Hayes
DETROIT – Red Light District attorney Peter Falkenstein confirms that the parties in the Kid Rock sex tape case have agreed to continue the judge’s temporary restraining order, but insists that no settlement has been reached.

While Rock’s lawyer, William Horton, is quoted as telling the Detroit News that the order will remain in effect without them having to go to court, an Associated Press report incorrectly surmised that those comments signaled a possible resolution of the matter.

“The parties have merely stipulated to the court order,” Falkenstein said. “This move simply gives both sides more time to prepare.”

According to Falkenstein, news reports of a settlement in the case are incorrect. However, Falkenstein was quick to point out that he hoped that the case would reach a resolution out of court.

Federal Judge John Feikens signed the temporary restraining order last month. Rock is suing Red Light to block the distribution of a tape that depicts himself and Creed singer Scott Stapp receiving oral sex from four women on a tour bus. One of the four women, who remains anonymous, is suing Stapp and Red Light for invasion of privacy and emotional distress in a Miami court.