RealTouch Announces New Buy Direct Initiative

Lyla Katz

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — RealTouch announced today that the company plans to cease sales of the devices through third-party distributors and those interested in selling the product will have to buy directly from RealTouch.

RealTouch manager Scott Rinaldo said the change in policy is the start of an effort to protect the value and integrity of the product.

"We really want to protect the future of this product because it's the most advanced technology being used in the industry,” he said.

“We think selling directly will do that. It's more beneficial to everyone involved if we sell directly to retailers ourselves, both brick and mortar as well as online."

The company added that advantages to the new initiative include better protection for all retailers from artificial underselling by non-authorized parties and better control over the quality of the experience for customers.

Established retailers who wish to sell RealTouch devices in their storefronts or on their websites can contact the RealTouch sales department at

To find out how to become an authorized RealTouch retailer call (800) 628-0241 ext. 243.