Vibratex’s Fresh Series Arrives This Month

Ariana Rodriguez

NAPA, Calif. — Vibratex said it is expecting the arrival of its new Fresh series this month from its manufacturers in Japan.

The new Fresh styles have bright packaging and colors to join the Classic Series that includes the Rabbit Pearl made famous on “Sex and the City.” According to the company, the Violet, Luv It and Sugar Pop were a focus of interest at the International Lingerie Show, and retailers showed their enthusiasm with early orders.

The Fresh product line is made with body-safe and friendly styles designed to fit many sizes of women, the company said, adding that it has made changes to the battery pack, which is now operated by push-buttons and offers more options to please, and easy splash-proof clean up.

Each vibe in the Fresh series has four strengths and five pleasure patterns to adjust both the shaft’s rotation and the tickler to each user’s taste. The Violet has a sleek shape in bperiwinkle silicone, while the LuvIt is a berry silicone with a flowery spray of a tickler, and the SugarPop is candy pink elastomer with undulating rows of beads.

“We’ve been arching your back since 1983,” said a Vibratex spokesman. “What we offered then were styles that were innovative and well made. Our Rabbit Habit and Rabbit Pearl vibes are icons. What we offer now hasn’t changed; we’ve got great new designs with excellent quality.”

The new harvest of Fresh is arriving in early November, in time for the holiday season.

Contact Vibratex at (800) 222-3361 or for details.