Magic Silk Revamps Packaging

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Magic Silk rolled out new packaging for its Lust fetish brand and Wise Cracks line of boy shorts.

Lust, Magic Silk’s women’s fetish line is now available in boxes that feature uncensored front and rear views of the company’s new model showcasing the revealing fetishwear. It also features a background that depicts a fantasy dungeon with diamond chains, framed by torn metal casing. The packaging also introduces the new Lust logo, featuring two-toned gold lettering adorned with rivets.

Magic Silk’s new Wise Cracks packaging features a sexy blonde model wearing a specific pair with a particular saying, but the back panel features all available quotes. The package is embossed with a holographic, foil stamped Wise Cracks logo.

The box is color coordinated to the garment, compactly constructed and hang tagged to maximize available shelf space, the company said.

“We have a simple philosophy at Magic Silk,” company president Jeff Baker said. “Good things come in creative packages. Our goal is to continuously invigorate our lines with fresh new products and packaging, to ensure maximum sales potential.”