Bedell Suckman Joins Blush Novelties as Sales, Marketing Director

Ariana Rodriguez

BROOKLYN, N.Y. —Blush Novelties has added Bedell Suckman to its team as sales and marketing director.

Suckman joins Blush Novelties with more than 15 years of industry experience having previously worked for M&M Sales, Hott Products & Pipedream Products. Suckman also worked at the distributor and retailer levels, she said.

“Now I'm back at the manufacturer level because that's where I realized I want to be, even though every level has been a learning and enjoyable experience,” Suckman said. “Blush is a great company, I have always admired Eric's vision, products and price points and it happened to work out at the right time and place for both of us.”

According to Suckman, she’ll be working in sales as well as providing marketing support.

“My goal is honestly to sell great products, continue to build trusting business relationships with my company and customers, keep it fun and innovative with marketing and to really brand the Blush name and products even further,” she said.

Suckman can be reached at (614) 500-7667 or