U.K. to Offer Parents Tougher Controls on Pornography

John Sanford

LONDON — Customers of major Internet service providers in Great Britain will have the option to block access to adult content online as part of measures aimed at helping parents protect their children from sexually explicit material, according to published reports.

Subscribers to BT, Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin will have to "opt-in" to access porn sites under the new plans, British Prime Minister David Cameron will announce on Tuesday.

Cameron is also expected to announce the creation of a new website called Parentport, on which parents can complain about any TV show, advertisement or product that they feel is inappropriate for children, according to a report in The Independent.

The move is as a result of a report by Reg Bailey, chief executive of the Mothers' Union charity, which recommended shielding children from adult-themed imagery, the story said.

Other measures are expected to include restrictions on billboards of scantily-clad models.