Digital Playground Releases 'Selena Rose: Foreigner'

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Digital Playground contract star Selena Rose headlines a new movie called "Foreigner" that is available now.

In "Selena Rose: Foreigner," the Cuban performer comes to visit her hot Latin cousin for a seemingly innocent visit, but viewers soon learn that the opposite is true. Rose acts like a virginal good girl to her family but is really a naughty nympho stripper ready to get it on with any paying customer.

“I loved doing this movie because I got to be a hot stripper that dances all sexy!" Rose said. "People love to see me dance. I also love knowing people get off to my scenes. That is so hot."

“Selena Rose is blossoming with Digital Playground into a sexy, sultry contract star," said Samantha Lewis, CEO of Digital Playground. “Every movie she makes is proof positive that we chose the hottest Latin star in the business to make our fans happy. I am thrilled with this feature.”

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