Tom Byron Pictures Releases 'Naughty Noobies 3'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Tom Byron Pictures on Thursday will release the third edition of "Naughty Noobies" featuring a new set of fresh, young performers.

Handpicked by the director Byron himself, each girl has big star potential.

From the first scene with the schoolgirl Suzanna, viewers are assured of innocence gone erotically awry. Veronica follows with an anal session, and then Holly, Natalie and cover girl Ashley also perform. Ashley even shows her penchant for squirting.

“Since the first volume of "Naughty Noobies," which helped launch Charley Chase’s career, this series continues to be the birthplace of tomorrow’s superstars,” said Adam Hasner, VP of Tom Byron Pictures. “The youthful energy of these beautiful novices, coupled with their immodest approach, positions this third installment for across the board success.”