Sophie Dee Wraps 2 Mainstream Horror Movies

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Sophie Dee has landed roles in two indie horror movies that recently completed production.

Dee will first appear in “Theater of Derange,” a compendium of five short films from top indie horror directors where she portrays a deranged, cannibalistic, “Carrie-esque” killer in the segment titled “Cannibal Blood Girl” directed by horror veteran Creep Creepersin.

She will then appear in the horror/comedy “Unmimely Demise”  as Kate, the wife of titular Cheeky the Mime who returns after 10 years to wreak havoc on anyone in his path. The film is from acclaimed writer/director James Cullen Bressack, hailed by the media as "horror's new hope."

Bressack said, "Sophie is one of the most professional people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does she know her lines and is always on set on time, but she also has a very warm on-screen presence and a natural ability to perform."

He added, "Her adorable qualities and dedication to her craft make her onscreen presence amazing. You truly forget who she is in the adult industry, and just get lost in her spot-on portrayal of the role. An amazing actor."

Dee said, "It was very fun to work on these two projects, and very cool to play the killer in one of them. I cannot wait until they come out.”