New Lube Brand Launched in Europe

BRISTOL, U.K. — Give Lube has launched its new lube brand, Lubetube.

The company said its mission is to develop and introduce high quality, exciting new brands that support their ethos of giving the ultimate pleasure to sexual partners.

“We want to give consumers sexual and relationship improvement information and lubes of the highest quality to maximize the potential that is already within all of us and help everyone become a great, pleasure giving lover,” said Nigel Powell, company managing director.

Lubetube is available in Premium Aqua Gel and Silicone+. Premium Aqua Gel is manufactured both paraben-free, glycerin-free and has the additional ingredients of aloe vera and panthenol for additional skin care.

Give Lube does not intend to sell direct to consumers from its website.

“We want to build relationships with, and provide good profit margins to, our trading partners," the company said. "To match the online habits of our target market group, we will be undertaking a range of creative new media marketing techniques to develop brand awareness and relationships directly with consumers, to help drive business to our stockists."

This will include pay-per-click advertising, YouTube infomercials, social media marketing and app development. Point of sale is also being developed for those with physical retail premises and high res images will be available for online sellers.