COLT Gear Featured on NBC’s ‘The Office’

Ariana Rodriguez

SONOMA, Calif. — Last night’s episode of NBC’s “The Office,” titled “The Incentive,” featured the team’s regional manager assembling the entire office staff together for a new sales incentive  that involved prizes — among them was the COLT Gear 7.5 Metal vibe manufactured by CalExotics in partnership with COLT Studio Group.

In addition to being the topic of some of the episode’s dialogue, The COLT Gear 7.5 Metal vibe appears multiple times throughout the show.

COLT Studio Group President and Creative Director John Rutherford told XBIZ that he found out about the vibe’s product placement on the show through “Buckshot” director Max Phillips.  

"This is not the first time COLT Gear has been featured on major television,” Rutherford said. “As a brand that has been around for over 43 years, we expect that many people recognize the strength of our brand and know that one word represents quality, COLT!  We are very happy that the production designers at ‘The Office’ chose our product to represent this segment and feel incredibly honored.” 

He added that as the oldest, most consistent producer of all-male erotica and products, COLT is often regarded as the “Playboy of the gay industry.”

The COLT 7.5” Metal vibe is seamless and offers multiple speeds. It is waterproof and uses two C batteries.

In honor of last night’s episode of “The Office,” CalExotics said it is holding a “COLT Work Incentive Giveaway” on Facebook, in which the company will give away some vibes in its version of “The Office’s” work incentive contest.

“At California Exotic Novelties, we’ve always known that COLT vibrators make great incentives for any occasion,” said Al Bloom, CalExotics’ director of marketing. “We loved having the COLT Metal 7.5 Vibrator featured on ‘The Office’ and are greatly amused. We also realize this is indicative of the place adult products has in the mindset of the mainstream media. To have an adult product featured on network television during prime time is something you wouldn’t have seen in the past. It is refreshing to know the producers of the Office are willing to push some boundaries and as the manufacturer, we’re thrilled they picked a quality COLT product!”

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