Coquette Wraps 2012 Masquerade Collection Photo Shoot

WATERLOO, Ontario — Lingerie manufacturer Coquette has wrapped the photo shoot for its 2012 Masquerade Collection.

According to the company, it focused its efforts on bringing a new image to the Masquerade line by playing around with different styles of makeup. The designers introduced their new horror line that features a Grim Reaper and Voodoo Lady costume.

 The Creative Team wanted to highlight these looks and others by giving the models Day of the Dead makeup. This Mexican holiday at the beginning of November commemorates passed loved ones with individuals celebrating by painting their faces to mimic skulls.

“We strive to be innovative and to remain a leader in the industry with our designs and our looks,” Coquette Creative Director Cindy Cipriano said. “Using the ‘Day of the Dead’ and Rocker-Chick makeup we felt that this would offer an edgy, more dramatic look to the collection. We want to inspire and produce solid, entertaining and statement pieces that our customers can truly make their own.”

The two-day shoot went smoothly, the company said.

“The past two days have flown by with the exceptional group of people we have,” said Marcus Horea, vice president of sales and marketing. “Everyone we have plays a vital role throughout our photo shoots and they all come together to make an outstanding team, while keeping up a sense of humour and high energy.”