Bijoux Indiscrets Wins the StorErotica Award for Best Accessory Products

Lyla Katz

LAS VEGAS — Bijoux Indiscrets was named the Best Accessory Manufacturer at the StorErotica awards.

“The competition was a tough and well known group of nominees,” said Shaye Saldana, of STEME, whose company brand manages and markets the Bijoux Indiscrets line of products in the U.S.

“Lots of the competition keeps Bijoux Indiscrets striving to always work to attain the next level with their marketing and product line, the other nominees are very well known and Bijoux Indiscrets is certainly excited to be victorious amongst the other nominees,” Saldana said.

Bijoux Indiscrets offers a range of vintage erotica inspired products including gifts and accessories.

“We were excited to receive the call and email about winning the award from Shaye, who wasted no time in letting us know that we had won, because of the time difference, we were starting our day and this made for a great day,” said Marta Aguire and Elsa Viegas, owners of Bijoux Indiscrets.