Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Gets Endorsement From Adult Site Owner

Bob Johnson

SAN FRANCISCO — Presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul has received an endorsement from adult website owner Scott Banister.

The site is an ad-free social networking platform with membership option featuring nude glamor models and video.

According to website Gather, Banister contributed $2,500 towards the candidate’s war chest and another $5,000 for Congressman Paul's Liberty PAC political action committee.

Banister, an SEO specialist and an initial investor and former director at PayPal stayed well within the scope of political campaign contributions, based on the Federal Election Commission, the report said. And according to the Huffington Post, the donations are legal and the amounts are the most that can be made under California law.

"I don't really care if Ron Paul and I have exactly the same personal views about naked women on the Internet. What matters is what he would do as an elected candidate," Banister told Gather.

He added, "He's very committed to following the limits of the Constitution."