U.K.-based MobJizz.com Mobile Affiliate Program Debuts

Bob Johnson

LONDON — MobJizz.com, a new U.K.-based mobile affiliate program has been introduced.

According to co-founder and CEO Alexandre Noirot-Cosson, the start-up will specialize in the U.K., South African and Brazil markets from day one and will provide the highest conversion rate and payouts in the industry for adult mobile traffic.

“Our platform has been built to provide the best conversion, mobile billing design and of course content, combined with clear and real-time reporting so that affiliates can easily monitor their own performance,"Noirot-Cosson said. “It is really important to focus your products from market to market, otherwise you won't be able to offer the best payouts.”

He added. “We are already investing heavily and growing our team, so that within six months we will be able to offer high quality mobile monetization to affiliates in more than 10 markets.”

A key differentiator according to Noirot-Cosson between MobJizz and its competitors, apart from the countries they are coveting is CRM. "We don't just take a user, try to bill them and then ignore them. We have built a unique CRM program designed to monetize the user throughout their life-cycle."

Noirot-Cosson said this process can add more than 40 percent to the average revenue per user.

"Mobile traffic to adult websites is growing exponentially, and trying to monetize with a credit-card is woefully inadequate compared with using a well-designed mobile billing program."

Pointing out that out that there are significant differences in mobile billing design and regulatory policy from country to country, Noirot-Cosson said applying a unique design to each market is critical to ensuring the best performance.

Noirot-Cosson said MobJizz can stand out from the competition, which includes Paris-based Wister, Spanish Kimia and Germany's Sex Goes Mobile. "MobJizz is using the very best mobile sites, billing  and CRM available in the U.K., in South Africa and in Brazil, so we know we are pretty unbeatable in those key markets. We intend to roll out this model for conversion perfection from market-to-market, taking our clients with us wherever we go."

The company plans to be the largest adult mobile affiliate network in the world within 18 months, and is targeting 25 of the top performing countries to join. But Noirot-Cosson cautioned, "we won't add a new market until we are 100 percent confident that our local program design is the best that it possibly can be.”

He added, "Myself and the team will be meeting with clients, understanding their unique requirements, and visiting  and spending time in all our target countries...we will also be expanding the service team, based in Chelsea, West London, to 12 people.”

For more information email Noirot-Cosson at alex@mobjizz.com or visit the website.