The Screaming O’s Studio Collection Debuts at ILS

Ariana Rodriguez

LAS VEGAS - The Screaming O hit the ground running on day one of ILS with the debut of its Studio Collection of makeup-inspired discrete pleasure products.

With half of its booth fashioned with its signature products, The Screaming O drew attention to the rest of its expanded space with a chic display featuring a clean white backdrop, spotlights and glammed up models donning slicked back hair, red lips and red neck handkerchiefs.

The setup is in promotion of the new Studio Collection, featuring seven items that range from discrete vibes and bullets to intensifying gels.

“We’re taking things mainstream with this collection,” The Screaming O promotions manager Daniel Slocki said. “Some women, including moms, want products that don’t look like vibrators, so this line is designed with a mainstream cosmetic look and feel. It’s completely discrete and so far the reaction has been overwhelming.”

Designed to look like makeup, the Studio Collection features the Lipstick Vibe, Mascara Vibe, Brush Vibe, the Compact Sexy Secrets bullet vibe, warming and cooling balms that mimic eye shadows; and O Gloss Climax Crème. Similar to high-end cosmetic purchases, consumers will receive a free cosmetic tote bag with certain purchases.

While offering product details, the Studio Collection’s catalog also reads like a story book.

“The theme of the Studio Collection is that it follows a model that travels all around the world, attending highfalutin events, and she’s all about fashion and makeup, “ Slocki said. “She also has this sexual devious side however, so these products fulfill her sensual side but are also very fashionable.”

Retailers are able to incorporate this fashion-forward collection into their store with displays and promo materials that The Screaming are making available to them, including countertop and standing displays and double-sided posters featuring classy artwork that the company has rolled out with the collection.

The Screaming O’s Studio collection is available for order in mid-October.