Dominic Ford Debuts Season 2 of Game Show

Lyla Katz

NEW YORK — Dominic Ford launched this week the second season of its game show.

Ford said Season 2 will bring the show to a whole new level. “We wanted to be much more aligned with a ‘reality game show’ than we were in Season 1,” Ford said.

“Plus, one of the major things people told us about Season 1 was that they didn't really get to know any of the guys.”

Ford said that the 12 guys were all featured in only one episode, which didn't give the audience much of a chance to get to know them or see how they interact with each other.

Season 2 has been expanded to nine weeks and the contestants have been reduced to six guys. Each week, the guys will all compete in a group challenge. The winner of the challenge will get 500 extra votes towards becoming "America's Favorite Porn Star."

Each contestant will appear in three sex scenes, instead of just one. “This will give the audience (and the judges) the ability to watch them evolve over the course of the show,” Ford said.

The judges, made up of industry experts, also are now judging in a roundtable environment like in a reality show setting. The show's site is also new and viewers can see live stats showing how the votes are going, interact with the porn stars via Twitter and more.

The winner will get an international media blitz in a variety of different magazines around the world. pjur Man Personal Lubricants is the show’s presenting sponsor this year. The winner of Season 2 will win the "pjur Man Spokesman Award." He'll be hired separately by pjur to appear at live events, and will appear on pjur's website and advertising and get a check for $500.

“The group challenges are also fun and sexy, and the boys are highly competitive. Plus, there is at least one surprise no one will see coming,” Ford said.

“Competitiveness, hot boys, hot sex and a reality show unlike they have ever seen before.” Viewers can vote once a day for their favorite porn star, and the winner will be announced at the end of the nine-week show.

To apply for Season 3, visit

Members of can watch the sex scenes and their votes count 10 times more than non-members' votes.