Twitter to Roll Out New Web Analytics Service

Lyla Katz

SAN FRANCISCO — Adult webmasters can now monitor how much traffic they are receiving from Twitter thanks to a new web analytics service that keeps track of how much traffic Twitter is delivering to a site.

The service also shows how many page views a website generates for each Tweet including re-Tweets and replies on a site.

The service shows where the Tweets originated from — whether they were custom made or published through the Tweet button that sites embed on their pages.

Other facets of the analytics platform also enable webmasters to see what content is driving the most traffic and most shared items.

The service also has a leaderboard where the most tweeted links show up at the top of the list. Another feature is the ability to see the top links by day, week and month by Tweets and clicks. Users can also add more than one website to a dashboard, and sub-domains as well.

Additionally, Twitter will show users what the average number of clicks Tweets received within given time periods and well as the percent of Tweets that were generated using the Tweet button.

Company executives said the service is part of the company’s effort to make it easier for sites to keep track of traffic coming from Twitter, but isn’t meant to compete with Google’s more in-depth analytics.

“We know our partners use third-party analytics tools that go way beyond what we’re offering today,” said April Underwood, Twitter’s director of web business development. “So we’re going to release an application programming interface (API) that will make their dashboards stronger.”

The product is still in private beta, but it should debut in the next several weeks.