Authorities Close Adult Store

Michael Hayes
BROOKVILLE, Pa. – Authorities in Jefferson County have obtained a temporary restraining order against Adult Super Center, closing the adult retailer effective immediately, alleging violations regarding the lighting and layout of the business.

The injunction alleges numerous violations of state law:

  • Video booths and cubicles are not clearly visible from the common area of the premises.
  • The store contains enclosed booths for the purposes of secluded viewing of adult material.
  • Doors block visibility into the booths.
  • The booths lack sufficient interior lighting.
  • Access to the booths lacks sufficient lighting.
  • District Attorney Jeffrey Burkett, who filed the TRO with the Civil Division of the Court of Common Pleas, insists that these violations go to health and safety issues, as well as possible improper conduct on the premises.

    “The reasons for which the law exists clearly were taking place in the premises,” Burkett told The Punxsutawney Spirit.

    Burkett would not give specifics regarding the nature of any alleged conduct that may have occurred in connection with the violations. At present, only civil charges have been filed, but Burkett did say that criminal charges could also be brought.

    The owners of the Adult Super Center, who have not been identified and were not present at the time police served the TRO, have 20 days to contest the order. In the meantime, ownership of the store remains unclear. Burkett has filed an allegation of ownership in the civil suit in to identify the legal owners of the store. Keystone Real Estate Investment owns the land that the store occupies; licensing documents found on the walls inside the store list both Jefferson Area Realtors and Jefferson Area Retailers.

    According to Burkett, Pennsylvania law permits the state to close the store for up to one year, with the premises to remain unoccupied for that period of time.

    “My goal is to shut down the store for a year under the law,” Burkett told The Punxsutawney Spirit. “If it shuts down permanently, it wouldn’t upset me.”

    Owners of the Adult Super Center may choose to fight the allegations laid out in the TRO or remedy the violations. But according to Burkett, simply changing the layout of the store will not allow the owners to reopen for business. State law requires the owners to both fix the infractions and post a bond to deter further violations.

    According to Brookville Borough Council President Scott Young, the council has passed numerous ordinances in the past seeking to regulate adult retailers in the area. However, all ordinances have proved unconstitutional.

    A hearing date has not yet been set and the store is expected to remain closed for the next 20 days.