California Exotic Novelties Provides Plan-o-Grams

Ariana Rodriguez

CHINO, Calif. — CalExotics provides a series of plan-o-grams that present store merchandising options for the company’s collection of products.

Susan Colvin, president and CEO of California Exotic Novelties said, “These plan-o-grams are a great tool for stores to use as they merchandise their stores. Our intention is to help retailers dress their space and attract customers, we did the work for you!”

There are 26 plan-o-grams featuring California Exotic Collections, including Bound by Diamonds, Couture, Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics, and Extreme Pure Gold are featured along with new brands like Amour, Lighted Shimmers and First Time.

“I see more and more stores who understand the importance of not only grouping products by category, but also showcasing them as an entire collection,” says Jackie White, vice president of sales for California Exotic Novelties. “Additionally the expert sales team at CalExotics is here to help customers and retailers when they set up their stores.”

The plan-o-grams not only feature the collections, but include possible signage options. All are professionally designed to make the most of wall space and to have a strong visual impact, the company siad.

“Our collections are branded to be merchandised together and to make a bold impression on the retail level,” says Al Bloom, director of marketing for California Exotic Novelties. “In-store marketing that includes attractive walls and displays is a sure-fire way to attract and retain clientele.”

There is a downloadable plan-o-gram PDF available in the Product Information section of the California Exotic Novelties website. Interested retailers also may contact their account executive for more information.