CalVista Now Distributing Kheper Games in Australia

Ariana Rodriguez

MELBOURNE, Victoria — CalVista is now distributing Kheper Games’ new lines in Australia.

“Kheper Games products stand for quality in design, manufacture and experience,” Calvista CEO Michael Bassett said. “They have a great team on board and they’re really powering-we’re pleased to add these new ranges which compliment the Calvista product family and offer our Australian and New Zealand retailers more great opportunities to interact with their customers.”

Kheper Games’ range of adult games and novelties includes card games and coupons to board games and shot games such as 4 Play Game, Bedroom Commands card Game, Hump Game, Lust! Board Game, Sex Dice, Drinking Games From Around the World, Beer! The Game, Test Tube Shooters and the Shot Glass Wedding Ring.

“We were extremely excited that Calvista picked up our line,” Kheper Games Sales Manager Roxana Forenza told XBIZ. “Their revolutionary approach to distribution, open and transparent dialog with vendors and focus on quality make them one of the most desirable business partners globally. It is also a very important step for Kheper to enhance our international distribution channels. We have been working very hard to re-position our product and branding strategy and the commencement of our cooperation with Calvista is one of the most important market signals that we are getting it right.”

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