PHS Inks Distribution Deal With Entrenue

PHOENIX — PHS International has signed with boutique distributor Entrenue to bring PHS’s new collection of nipple adornments to retailers nationwide.

“We were excited by the beauty and uniqueness of this line — beauty in and of itself is such a turn-on!” said Lisa Mazurek, Entrenue sales and marketing manager. “Bijoux de Nip was one of the most unique items I saw at ANME, and the fact that each item is created by a mainstream jewelry designer with a special focus on quality resonated with both us and PHS.”

The Bijoux de Nip line has five separate nipple clamp collections. The Parisian Collection is a set of nipple clamps with sterling silver or 14K gold fill.

The Marquis Collection features stone pendants. The Cannes Collection is a set of nipple clamps connected by a bejeweled chain. The Moulin Rouge Collection is a set of nipple clamps connected with the same chain of the Cannes Collection but with a special large semiprecious stone pendant at the center.

The Versailles Collection feature gem clusters that dangle from each clamp joined by a jeweled chain with three large semiprecious stone pendants.

PHS teamed with geologist and jewelry maker Mykil from Mariposa Designs of Scottsdale to create specialty nipple clamps that can be worn by men and women.