Topco Sales Unveils New Climax Products

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales unveils twelve new products of its best-selling Climax brand.

"Climax is one of our most popular brands," said Vanessa Pellegrini, sales director of product development and international sales. "Both domestically and internationally the line is praised for its bright colors and fun, flirty designs.”

Available in blue, orange, pink and purple, Climax Minis and Mighty Max is a mini massager designed to quietly deliver powerful multi-speed vibration. Each has a flexible head with soft tip and is operable via its thumb-slide control.

The Climax Bunnies, Bunny Bullet is a Jackpin compatible, bullet style vibe available in pink, lavender, blue and green. Climax Bullets, 10x Super Vibrating Bullets are similar in function but differ in design, offering a simple, smooth bullet with a slimmer corded controller.