Blue Underground Hires Takedown Piracy

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Indie DVD distributor Blue Underground has hired Takedown Piracy to protect its content against online theft.

“Takedown Piracy has opened my eyes to the pervasive, ugly, digital-age underbelly of Internet piracy,” President William Lustig said. “I’m sure Takedown Piracy’s tenacious copyright notice campaign on behalf of Blue Underground has given some pirates pause before going through the effort of posting my company’s copyrighted properties.”

TDP has removed numerous copyright infringements for its clients. Among the many attributes separating Takedown Piracy from its competitors is its new Aikido Program, which is running on a separate server. The customizable tool is capable of removing 100,000 copyright infringements in 24-hours, the company said.

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“We are ensuring a great studio like Blue Underground is able to operate by preventing online theft of its movies," TDP owner Nate Glass said. "Everyone has a right to safeguard their artistic endeavors."