Baci Lingerie, JSC Lux Agency Partner for Baltic States, Belarus Distribution

Ariana Rodriguez

MIAMI — Baci Lingerie announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with JSC Lux Agency.

JSC Lux Agency will feature Baci Lingerie in 15 of its own lingerie and lifestyle stores, as well as open 50 mono brand stores over the next six years in the best locations in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus.

According to Baci Lingerie, JSC Lux Agency is the largest and a very successful wholesaler based in Lithuania that distributes for a number of high-end beauty and fashion companies; such as prestigious watch brands.

Baci Lingerie said it plans to utilize the strong resources JSC Lux Agency has established in their territory to take hold of the lingerie market.

The CEO of JSC Lux Agency said,“We have wanted to get into the lingerie market for some time, but had not found the right product to invest in. Now we have Baci Lingerie, and we could not be more excited to not only enter the lingerie market, but take over. Together we plan to bolster the success of Baci Lingerie and stay #1 in our territory."

”We are very excited to be adding JSC Lux Agency to our growing list of global partners,” said Joy Menon, director of brand communications for Baci Lingerie. “We are confident that JSC Lux Agency will go above and beyond in providing the superior service that they are known for to our future Baci Lingerie customers.”

Baci Lingerie will be hosting the upcoming ILS in Las Vegas, and said it is excited to meet new potential partners.

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