ON Offers Point-of-Sale Displays to Retailers

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Retailers selling ON Natural Arousal Oil can now use point-of-sale countertop displays.

The displays are available to retailers at no charge when they order the product to fill the display. The new one-use .2 ml ampoule is highlighted in a vertical tower display. The ampoules, in black-foil envelopes, hang from three pins in a smoked-acrylic frame.

"When a woman tests it at the counter on her tongue, she realizes the unique and arousing sensation ON will create when used on her clitoris," company executive Joey Wilson said. "These displays give consumers the chance to test the product with the sampler, or take a shot with the one-use ampoule with its lower price point."

Originally developed for post-menopausal women, ON is now available for women of any age.