SINsual Shot Sponsors Sturgis Rally

Ariana Rodriguez

STURGIS, S.D. — Twenty-three women from the Visual Goddess Bikini Team will go bar to bar during the 71st Sturgis Rally in South Dakota to introduce patron to SINsual Shot’s two flavors, Forbidden Fruit and Chocolate Mint.

“Sturgis provides us with an opportunity to position ourselves in an entirely new market,” Dagus Brands owner David Gustafson said. “The rally is synonymous with all-American fun, something I believe will become true of SINsual Shot as well After all, just like Sturgis, SINsual Shot is a lifestyle.”

SINsual Shot’s patented, all-natural formula is combined with a dose of Arginine to boost nitric oxide, Horny Goat Weed acting as a PD-5 inhibitor, and the ancient secrets of the Maca root, the company said. Vitamin B-12 provides added natural energy.

SINsual Shot will soon be available through big box retailers and grocery stores, as well as convenience stores and gas stations.

The sexual energy drink will also be sold through adult industry retailers, e-tailers and distributors.

The Swallow Lounge in Dallas recently announced its intention to make SINsual Shot a staple of its drink menu.

Retailers interested in placing an order can contact Howard Levine with Exile Distribution at (818) 576-9464, ext. 116 or email