Entertainment West Studios, Trigg Labs Join Forces

Ariana Rodriguez

DETROIT — Gay adult studio Entertainment West Studios has partnered with Trigg Labs to name Wet as its official lube sponsor.

According to the company, it selected Valencia, Calif.-based Trigg Laboratories because it is the “worldwide leader in creating innovative, fun productions that enhance the most personal and intimate moments in a person’s life.”

“We are excited to be the official sponsor of EWS, one of the few gay porn studios who actually participate in condom sex,” said Bobbie Gerson, marketing projects manager of Wet Lubricants.

Entertainment West Studios said it is proud to have a well-established lube distributor as its sponsor.

“In our efforts to promote safe sex here at Entertainment West Studios we believe using Wet lubricants and a condom will help reduce the spread of HIV or any other sexual transmitted disease,” said Andre Perkins of EWS.

For more information on Entertainment West Studios’ products, visit ThugSeduction, ThugDepot.com and RoughThugs.com.