Kama Sutra Massage Candles Now in Stock, Shipping

Ariana Rodriguez

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. — Kama Sutra’s new range of massage candles is now in stock and ready to ship. Kama Sutra has developed four massage candles, each with its own distinct fragrance.

Each candle includes ingredients such as coconut oil, soybean oil, apricot oil and vitamin E oil, among others.

“Our candles feature soy and coconut oils, shea butter, jojoba and aloe to name just a few ingredients,” Kama Sutra President Beverly Pollington Sirjani said in an earlier announcement. “They really are made from the finest quality ingredients and because of that they burn cleaner, longer and more consistently. When we started our research we noticed that a lot of candles in the market place burn really well the first time they are lit but then become flaky and crumbly once they harden up again. We wanted a product that could be used multiple times and always produce the same fine quality of massage oil so that each massage is as good as the first. This meant creating a formula that we believe is really superior.”

The candles are available in four fragrances — Island Passion, Tropical Nights, Deep Ocean and Mediterranean Almond.

They are packaged in a sleek, matte black tin and are designed to be lit within the tin then extinguished after they have melted into a pool of warm oil.

A small spoon is included so that the oil can be spooned onto the skin and sensuously massaged all over a lover’s body.