Shunga Releases Lotus Flower Oriental Bath Salts

Ariana Rodriguez

MONTREAL — Shunga Erotic Art has announced the release of newly individually available Oriental Crystals bath salts from its organic line, Garden of Edo.

The green salt is made with certified organic ingredients and 100 percent natural Dead Sea salt.

The Lotus flower scented Oriental Crystals bath salts “make unctuous bubbles and turn the bath water into a sumptuous green lagoon,” the company said. The package contains 20oz / 600g of Dead Sea salt, a sea shell to be used as a scoop and a floating candle.

“Our Garden of Edo organic collection is already a best-seller, but many customers were very fond of the green bath salt and were demanding to see it available as a single SKU,” said Angela Mustone, director of business development for SHUNGA Erotic Art. “It is indeed a great product and selling it individually will certainly allow more consumers to discover how great it smells and feels on the skin. With its gorgeous packaging, delicate fragrance and soothing effect, the organic Oriental Crystals is the perfect ally for anybody wishing to enjoy a relaxing bath.”

The organic Oriental Crystals foaming and scented Dead Sea Salt is now available to order from SHUNGA Erotic Art and its affiliate distributors.