New Regulations Put Squeeze on Landmark Adult Store

Matt O'Conner
SCOTTSDALE — As of March 13, Zorba’s 34-year reign as Scottsdale’s one and only source for adult videos may be in jeopardy. That’s when new regulations kick in that will force major changes at the store, considered a city landmark.

Private viewing, which account for roughly half of the building, have to go, according to a Sexually Oriented Business ordinance passed in December.

The city’s strip clubs have been given a reprieve from enforcement of the ordinance because they are fighting it in court, but Zorba’s has no such luck. The store has 180 days to comply, which will require major reconstruction, or close down.

The new rules say all areas of the store, save for the bathroom, must be well lit and clearly viewable from anywhere. No doors, curtains, walls, merchandise, display racks or other materials can obscure any part of the business.

Zorba’s has not filed suit to challenge the new requirements.