Aneros Vice Wins Industry Award for Outstanding Male Product Design

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Aneros’ first vibrating prostate massager design, the Aneros Vice, won the "O" Award for Outstanding Male Product Design.

The Aneros Vice is the first release in the company’s V-Series of vibrating prostate massagers. It features a sleek shape that’s anatomically designed to fit the body and features a multi-patterned vibrator offering up to six hours of sensation.

According to the company, it spent half a decade researching to develop the perfect vibrator unit. The company said its goal was to create a product that incorporates Aneros’ patented shape and established principles used in its self-propelled models with vibration.

The Vice is known as an "Active-Passive" model, where the user employs muscle contractions, utilizing Aneros’ "hands-free" design, to reach the "Active" mode and utilizing the vibrations from the high quality vibrator in "Passive" mode. Additionally, the Vice’s new shape has different contours that will provide pleasure in different ways from other models.

The company said it has embarked on a forward-thinking journey, with other vibrating prostate massagers slated for release.

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