Synergy Erotic Relocates to Las Vegas

SAN FRANCISCO —  Adult product maker Direct Advantage and Synergy Erotic are moving their headquarters to Las Vegas.

“The choice to move was an easy one, as the Las Vegas business climate is more conducive to the company’s ongoing evolution,” CEO Bob Wolf said.

Having outgrown its Bay Area operations, the new locale is 2,000 square feet larger than the current location. It has space for a display area, product layout planning and entertainment.

“One of the primary advantages of the location is a 24-foot-clear height ceiling, which is something I’ve found very difficult to locate here in the Bay Area,” Wolf said.

The new D.A.V.E. and Synergy Erotic offices will be located at 3245 E. Patrick Lane in Las Vegas, 89120. The company plans to complete the move by Aug. 14.

Shipping scheduling will remain unchanged.