LEAF Unveiling Receives Acclaim

Ariana Rodriguez

BURBANK, Calif. — BMS Factory’s launch of the LEAF collection at the ANME Founders Show last week was hailed by trade show attendees, the company says.

LEAF is BMS’ new luxury line of silicone massagers that are rechargeable, waterproof and feature PowerBullet technology. The collection was showcased in a bright, clean display at ANME.

“LEAF has far exceeded our expectations at this year’s show,” said Steve Bannister, BMS Factory president and CEO. “I couldn’t be happier with the attention and excitement that everyone showed!”

According to the company, within the first day, crowds were so large at the booth that BMS needed more associates on hand to speak with everyone about LEAF and answer questions.

“By the end, BMS was a star of the show, gaining much attention from influential people in the industry,” the company said. “From interacting and spending time with people to hear their feedback and thoughts, the consensus from the crowd was clear. That is that LEAF is the clean and fresh alternative to the standard vibrator that many have been craving for a long time, and may not have even known it.”

BMS also showcased its new line for men, LUX. The collection features luxurious prostate stimulators featuring the same silicone finish as LEAF. Similarly to LEAF, it features two models that also harness the power or PowerBullet.

“It’s a good feeling when one of your colleagues approaches you on their own to shake your hand and say, great job,” Bannister said.