Paxum Adds EURO, Canadian Currency Accounts

Bob Johnson

MONTREAL — Paxum announced the addition of both EURO and Canadian Dollar currency accounts to its e-wallet payment service today.

Paxum clients can now send peer-to-peer payments in EURO, CAD and USD currencies. Clients may also withdraw or load funds via wire transfer in any of the three available currencies.

"We are pleased to provide even more options for our valued customers," Paxum CEO Octav Moise said.

He added, "As part of our long-term strategy for customer satisfaction and growth we have implemented two new currencies at this time, Euro and Canadian. Additional updates are planned throughout the rest of the year."

To use the new currency accounts, clients only need to log into their Paxum Account Control Panel and update their account. There are no fees or extra charges involved with setting up these currencies.

To learn more or sign up for a free account visit Paxum.