Jenna Haze, Fleshlight Star in ‘Fleshlightning’

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Middle of the Road Entertainment has released the initial trailer for its new romantic comedy, "FleshLightning," starring Jenna Haze as herself, alongside a cast of mainstream actors.

The film stars Jenna Haze as herself, James Hong (“Chinatown,” “Blade Runner,” “Kung Fu Panda”) as Garlopolous, Mikaela Hoover (“Super,” “Frank”) as Madison Montgomery, David Rispoli (“The New American Dream”) as Daniel James, and Mark Gantt (“Ocean's Eleven,” “Spiderman,” “City of Angels”) as Steady Rigatoni.

The trailer can be viewed at

The movie’s plot is described as followed: “When Daniel James (played by Rispoli) discovers a magical Fleshlight, he thinks that he has found a way to fulfill his ultimate fantasies, but when he comes upon its real power he must make a choice between the girl he lusts for (Haze) and the girl next door (Hoover).”

FleshLightning is directed by Brandon Dermer, who created the concept and idea for the film, the company said.

"Someone once told me that when you write, you got to write what you know,” Dermer said. “So I did."

Dermer graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2008 with a degree in film. During his time in school, Brandon along with his writing partner Zak Zeman wrote, produced, and directed numerous comedic shorts. He also produced several dramatic short films, documentaries, commercials, and a feature length film.

"This was one of the funniest films I have ever had the opportunity to be involved with," Jenna Haze said. "My Fleshlight is very important to me, and I know my fans will love this."

In celebration of the launch of the website and movie trailer, Fleshlightis offering 20 percent off the entire line of Jenna Haze Fleshlights.

"I want to thank Fleshlight for being incredibly supportive of my career, and this incredible film," Haze said.

The film is produced by Melissa Marin and Austin C. Bedell. Executive producers are Brandon Dermer and Evan Silverberg and associate producer Arthur Spector.