ANYwebcam's Affiliate Program

Tina Reilly
AUSTRALIA – Video chat site announced the launch of an affiliate program Wednesday with payouts of $50 per signup.

ANYwebcam got its start nearly four years ago and maintains around 1.3 million members for its free, live webcam community. The site features different options for visitors that include watching live webcams and reading member profiles, or voting for favorite photo and video competitions. ANYwebcam also offers members voice and text chat rooms that in some cases can accommodate a webcam log-in.

The idea behind the launch of an affiliate program, according to company owner David Thompson, was to give webmasters a chance to tap into the exponential growth in the reality webcast sector, which has an established global mainstream audience.

Thompson and the crew at are looking to the webmaster community to help catapult their site membership into the 5 million range over the next two years, and he has no doubt they can do it.

"We've put in the hard work over the past four years to build a stable business and technology, customer support, best features, and multiple international billing options, to grow our membership past the one million mark," said Thompson. "Before launching our affiliate program we wanted webmasters to be confident they were dealing with an industry leader who would work hard to convert their traffic."

According to Thompson, preliminary affiliate tests indicated very high conversion rates for affiliates that write endorsements or recommendations for the site rather than just placing a link.

Industry statistics from Hitwise rate ANYwebcam as one of the most visited webcam sites on the Internet, among competitors ifriends and webcamnow.

"We've created a genuine entertainment product for a mainstream adult audience, and we wanted our affiliate program to reflect the same standards,” said David Thompson. "Our business is based on providing genuinely free trials, knowing that people get addicted to the site and convert to paid membership."

"I'm often asked by people in the adult industry how we get our members to create over 35,000 hours a week of live, reality adult video for free, while most of the industry is paying to either produce or purchase what appears on our site every day.” Thompson said. “We’ve proven that if you give everyday people the right forum to be exhibitionists, the content they create is at least as popular as what you see from a studio with paid performers.”