Jopen Unveils Intensity at ANME

Ariana Rodriguez

BURBANK, Calif. — CalExotics’ sister company Jopen kicked off day one of the ANME Founders Show with all eyes on the reveal of its new pleasure device, Intensity.

Intensity is built around a new patented technology created for a completely different application. When two medical professionals created an apparatus — the In Tone — to strengthen women’s pelvic floor, they intended to develop a treatment for women with urinary incontinence, but the results offered women a little more.

Herschel Buzz Peddicord, one of the medical professionals behind the device, attended ANME today, telling XBIZ that when product testers began to report orgasms as one of the product’s side effects, he decided to tap Jopen.

“When it comes to exercising the kegel muscles, most women don’t do it correctly,” Peddicord said. “We created In Tone to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles through electro stimulation. Well what happens when the kegel muscles contract quickly is the same feeling as orgasm, so we decided to bring this idea over to Jopen. They added clit and G-spot stimulation; and now we’ve essentially melded science and technology with a new market — this is not a medical device.”

Intensity is equipped with an inflatable shaft that can be adjusted for a personalized fit through an inflation pump. It features five speeds of vibration and the Dual Stimulating Contacts on the shaft transmit electro-stimulation — with the help of electrode gel – to target pelvic muscles with precision, while it massages the G-Spot.

“It feels good and it’s good for you,” Peddicord said, noting the sexual wellness benefit of kegel exercises helps women seem tighter and youthful.

According to Jopen director of marketing Al Bloom, because of Intensity’s beginning as a medical device, Intensity is based on FDA-approved patented technology.

Additionally, Intensity is manufactured in the U.S. Intensity will be available to retailers in October and its QR-coded packaging points to a video featuring CalExotics’ resident sexologist couple, Dr. Jessica and Ryan Cassaday, explaining the product’s use and features.