BMS Launches LUX for Men

Ariana Rodriguez

TORONTO — Following BMS Factory’s recent launch of its Leaf collection, the company unveiled the LUX line for men at the ANME Show in Burbank this week.

Focusing on comfort and ease-of-use, LUX is designed for pleasurable prostate stimulation. Featuring a silicone finish, which is fully waterproof, the company said the toy’s smoothness  will indulge first timers as well as more adventurous users.

LUX launched with four models with plans to extend the collection.

The Lx1 and the Lx2 are non-vibrating models for manual stimulation. For an added sensation, the Lx3 and Lx4 are both rechargeable units powered by PowerBullet technology.

One of the vibrating models will be a penis ring that’s seamlessly covered in the same silicone finish as the rest of the line that is designed to pleasure the user’s partner as well as himself during use.