PHS Debuts Hand-made Designer Nipple Jewelry

PHOENIX — Adult product manufacturers PHS International has unveiled the Bijoux de Nip collection of exquisite luxury nipple jewelry.

Using some of the world’s most beautiful gemstones, PHS teamed with geologist and jewelry maker Mykiel from Mariposa Designs of Scottsdale to create a series of themed nipple clamps.

“The Bijoux de Nip collection features wearable art pieces, unique one-of-a-kind accessories rather than factory-produced items you can find anywhere,” said CEO Chuck Harnish. “These chains, pendants, clamps and cuffs are made by hand which means no item is alike.”

The Bijoux de Nip line is comprised of five separate collections, each with its own theme and price point. One of which is the Parisian Collection , a set of glittering nipple clamps featuring gemstones or pearls set in either sterling silver or 14K gold. These pieces can fit comfortably on both pierced and natural nipples.