Red Light District Ordered to Remove Kid Rock Sex Tape

Rhett Pardon
DETROIT — Red Light District has been ordered by a federal judge to take down a 40-second video feed featuring Kid Rock, Creed singer Scott Stapp and four women engaged in sex.

Tuesday’s temporary restraining order remains in effect until a court hearing Friday, even though the company removed the video from its website last week after receiving a cease-and-desist order from Stapp's lawyers.

Kid Rock’s lawyers sued Red Light, accusing the Chatsworth, Calif., adult distributor of violating Kid Rock's trademark and privacy rights.

The lawsuit seeks a permanent court order halting sale or distribution of the video, which reportedly features four women performing oral sex on the two men.

Kid Rock in a deposition said the video was shot in 1999 near Miami. He said it was clearly understood that the video would remain Stapp's private property and would not be displayed publicly.

Red Light District Owner David Joseph previously has said that he got the tape from a third party. It involved women from a strip club and was taken in a motor home, he said.

The company is best known for its distribution of the Paris Hilton sex tape.