BMS Factory’s LEAF Collection Debuts

Ariana Rodriguez

TORONTO — BMS Factory has announced the launch of its new line of premium products for women named LEAF. 

For the last few weeks, an image on containing a shape in a melting block of ice has been slowly revealing the LIFE model, which the company says is the inspiration for the LEAF line of products.

According to the company, LEAF vibes are designed in the shapes of the common leaf, as well as more intricate varieties.

All LEAF products use PowerBullet technology that has been seamlessly concealed in a silicone exterior, and contains an eco-friendly rechargeable battery. All LEAF products have full play area, are waterproof and feature the intuitive “Press and Hold” function.

Shipping complete in a beautiful box made with FSC paper, a natural canvas tote bag and travel ready wall charger, LEAF is available now.

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